Why JPz Pellets are Ideal for Winter Fishing

winter fishingFishing in the winter is something that many people choose not to take part in because of unfavourable weather conditions. However, Marukyu has made sure that with their JPz pellets they have created bait that is ideal all year round. Here, we will explore why JPz pellets are perfect for those who like fishing in the winter.


Like all the products that Marukyu has released, the JPz pellets are nutritional. As any angler will know, as the winter weather draws in, fish become more ‘attracted’ to foods that have high nutritional value so that they can survive over the winter.

Will Last

Even if you buy this bait in the summer, Marukyu has made sure that it will last, which means one tub can last through the winter without any problems. With the majority of all non artificial baits (especially live baits) they do not last so you have to use them on the day that you buy them, which will mean some inevitably are wasted, or you run out before you have finished fishing. With the Marukyu JPz pellets this is not the case and one tub will keep a long time.


The winter weather conditions require the most durable baits because even though the fish are not as active in the winter there is less bait that is being fed to them, which means that anything that goes into the water looks better. When this is the case you need something that stays on the hook without a problem, and this is a design feature that Marukyu has focused on with the JPz pellets.


On their own website, Marukyu says that their JPz pellets have All-temperature features, which means that they work as well in the summer as they do in the winter. As the pellet took 19 years to develop, one would assume their tests have shown that this is the case, which is proof that the pellets work well in the winter weather conditions.


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