How to Prepare Pellets

preparing fishing pelletsThe introduction of the successful Marukyu JPz jelly pellets to the market has brought up many questions about what fishing bait is the best one to use. Those who are leaning toward pellets may not know that preparing your own is a possibility.

Furthermore, it is not too hard to do either. Here, we will look at how to prepare pellets in more detail.

What Equipment you Require

Measuring Jug
Unflavoured gelatine
Flavouring (if required)
Pellet Pump
Expander pellets
Bait box

How to Prepare

Pour a quarter of a pint of boiling water into the measuring jug
Add a sachet of gelatine to the water and stir
Add as much flavouring as you want
Let it stand for roughly 30 minutes
Add the expander pellets to the pump, pump out the air and pump in the mixture that you have premade
Tip the pellets out into the bait box so that they can soak up any excess mixture, leave in the bait box for about 5 minutes
Bag up the pellets and put them into the fridge to cool.

Benefits of a Premade Pellet

Making pellets like this is easy, and as you can see from the above you do not need to leave anything for too much time, which means that you can make them in the morning before you leave or the night before if you want. Furthermore, making pellets like this is much less expensive than buying readymade pellets.

Disadvantages of a Premade Pellet

With the above in mind, there are more disadvantages to making your own then buying them. If you have not done this before then you will need to buy a pellet pump, expander pellets, flavouring and gelatine every time you want to make pellets. Also, creating your own is a lot more effort than buying.

At the same time, because of all the research and high standards of production that went into making pellets like JPz, the ones you create will never be as effective as the ones that you can buy.


Preparing home jelly pellets is fun, but from what we have discovered above maybe it is something that should be left to the professionals.

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