The Science behind JPz Jelly Pellets

Marukyu JPz jelly pelletsThe Japanese bait company Marukyu has made it well known that they have put a substantial amount of research into their JPz jelly pellets. However, how have they formed what they believe to be the best bait in the world? Here, we will explore this in more detail.


Marukyu had worked on this one bait for almost two decades, which means that extensive testing has clearly gone into the production of the pellets. Marukyu set out trying to create the perfect bait, and they did not release this product until they believed it was the best possible product that they could manufacture. This meant that the product had to be constantly redeveloped time and time again in order to reach the stage it has today.


Of course, without a successful combination of ingredients, the bait would not work, so the ingredients essentially determine the success of the bait. Marukyu believes that the combination of ingredients used in the JPz pellets are unrivalled by any other company. Even though there are some hidden ingredients, we do know that proteins and amino acids are used in the bait in order to attract fish. It is the successful combination of the proteins and amino acids that has made the bait the best on the market. Marukyu has also told the public is that their JPz pellets are free from any harmful ingredients and any chemicals.

Marukyu JPz jelly pellets, openMachinery and Packing

In order to produce the JPz pellets, Marukyu had to create a whole new machine for production. This machine ensures that all Marukyu JPz pellets are formed to the same weight and size. Another key feature of the process is how the JPz pellets are packed. Tests have shown that the way to keep the pellets fresher for longer was to use pots that can be sealed.


In this guide, we have explored why Marukyu believes that their JPz pellets cannot be rivalled by any other bait. Many anglers agree that the JPz pellets from Marukyu offer something different from other baits, and this one bait has turned Marukyu into a market-leading company.

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