How to Prepare Pellets

preparing fishing pelletsThe introduction of the successful Marukyu JPz jelly pellets to the market has brought up many questions about what fishing bait is the best one to use. Those who are leaning toward pellets may not know that preparing your own is a possibility.

Furthermore, it is not too hard to do either. Here, we will look at how to prepare pellets in more detail.

What Equipment you Require

Measuring Jug
Unflavoured gelatine
Flavouring (if required)
Pellet Pump
Expander pellets
Bait box

How to Prepare

Pour a quarter of a pint of boiling water into the measuring jug
Add a sachet of gelatine to the water and stir
Add as much flavouring as you want
Let it stand for roughly 30 minutes
Add the expander pellets to the pump, pump out the air and pump in the mixture that you have premade
Tip the pellets out into the bait box so that they can soak up any excess mixture, leave in the bait box for about 5 minutes
Bag up the pellets and put them into the fridge to cool.

Benefits of a Premade Pellet

Making pellets like this is easy, and as you can see from the above you do not need to leave anything for too much time, which means that you can make them in the morning before you leave or the night before if you want. Furthermore, making pellets like this is much less expensive than buying readymade pellets.

Disadvantages of a Premade Pellet

With the above in mind, there are more disadvantages to making your own then buying them. If you have not done this before then you will need to buy a pellet pump, expander pellets, flavouring and gelatine every time you want to make pellets. Also, creating your own is a lot more effort than buying.

At the same time, because of all the research and high standards of production that went into making pellets like JPz, the ones you create will never be as effective as the ones that you can buy.


Preparing home jelly pellets is fun, but from what we have discovered above maybe it is something that should be left to the professionals.

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The Anglers Reaction to JPz Pellets

anglers reaction to maruyku jpz jelly pelletsThe Anglers Reaction to JPz Pellets

Many anglers have heard of the newest innovation to hit the bait market, but what is the reaction of anglers to the JPz pellets? Here, we will look at them in much more detail, and work out if they are really as good as the company behind their production (Marukyu) want us to think.

Personal Opinion

An astonishing amount of time and effort has gone into the production of this bait. 19 years of time and effort from scientists, bait specialists and some of the best anglers in the world have produced the final JPz pellet. This is an impressive statistic, and with this amount of time in development you would naturally make the assumption that Marukyu has managed to create something that has a chance of changing the bait market.

The information that Marukyu has released to the public is limited in terms the ingredients and how they have tested it because they do not want to give too much away. This means they have naturally gone for the ‘use it and see’ approach rather than trying to dazzle their target market with stories about ‘super ingredients’ that trump their competitors. What this means is that the only way you can find out about the pellet is to use it or to gather an opinion based on anglers who have no association with the company.

What Anglers Say About the Pellets

When looking at a product like this one you need to look at what the anglers say rather than what the company tells you because the company will tell you what you want to hear in order to try and sell its product.

Anglers have been quick to praise both the texture and durability of the pellet when compared to others. Many anglers have said that this stays on the hook and will not fall off during missed bites or hard casts, which means that each pellet will never be wasted. This is also beneficial because it means that you will not spend a lot of time re-baiting.

Another benefit that anglers have been quick to point out is that every pellet is the same texture and size, which is helpful for a number of reasons and shows that Marukyu have only used the highest of production standards to produce the pellets.

The pellets are only available in 6mm at the moment, but one thing that anglers have realised is because they have a strong formation they can be trimmed down without any problems. Anglers have also said that there is something different about these JPz pellets that seem to draw a higher percentage of fish to them. Furthermore, due to their durability, there is a much greater hook to catch success rate.


While it is important to gather all the information that a company tells you about a product, it is more significant to take the views of those who use them and have nothing to gain from recommending them to others. As you can see from the above, there are plenty of anglers who think that Marukyu has potentially formed a groundbreaking bait in the form of their JPz pellets.


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Why JPz Pellets are Ideal for Winter Fishing

winter fishingFishing in the winter is something that many people choose not to take part in because of unfavourable weather conditions. However, Marukyu has made sure that with their JPz pellets they have created bait that is ideal all year round. Here, we will explore why JPz pellets are perfect for those who like fishing in the winter.


Like all the products that Marukyu has released, the JPz pellets are nutritional. As any angler will know, as the winter weather draws in, fish become more ‘attracted’ to foods that have high nutritional value so that they can survive over the winter.

Will Last

Even if you buy this bait in the summer, Marukyu has made sure that it will last, which means one tub can last through the winter without any problems. With the majority of all non artificial baits (especially live baits) they do not last so you have to use them on the day that you buy them, which will mean some inevitably are wasted, or you run out before you have finished fishing. With the Marukyu JPz pellets this is not the case and one tub will keep a long time.


The winter weather conditions require the most durable baits because even though the fish are not as active in the winter there is less bait that is being fed to them, which means that anything that goes into the water looks better. When this is the case you need something that stays on the hook without a problem, and this is a design feature that Marukyu has focused on with the JPz pellets.


On their own website, Marukyu says that their JPz pellets have All-temperature features, which means that they work as well in the summer as they do in the winter. As the pellet took 19 years to develop, one would assume their tests have shown that this is the case, which is proof that the pellets work well in the winter weather conditions.


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The Science behind JPz Jelly Pellets

Marukyu JPz jelly pelletsThe Japanese bait company Marukyu has made it well known that they have put a substantial amount of research into their JPz jelly pellets. However, how have they formed what they believe to be the best bait in the world? Here, we will explore this in more detail.


Marukyu had worked on this one bait for almost two decades, which means that extensive testing has clearly gone into the production of the pellets. Marukyu set out trying to create the perfect bait, and they did not release this product until they believed it was the best possible product that they could manufacture. This meant that the product had to be constantly redeveloped time and time again in order to reach the stage it has today.


Of course, without a successful combination of ingredients, the bait would not work, so the ingredients essentially determine the success of the bait. Marukyu believes that the combination of ingredients used in the JPz pellets are unrivalled by any other company. Even though there are some hidden ingredients, we do know that proteins and amino acids are used in the bait in order to attract fish. It is the successful combination of the proteins and amino acids that has made the bait the best on the market. Marukyu has also told the public is that their JPz pellets are free from any harmful ingredients and any chemicals.

Marukyu JPz jelly pellets, openMachinery and Packing

In order to produce the JPz pellets, Marukyu had to create a whole new machine for production. This machine ensures that all Marukyu JPz pellets are formed to the same weight and size. Another key feature of the process is how the JPz pellets are packed. Tests have shown that the way to keep the pellets fresher for longer was to use pots that can be sealed.


In this guide, we have explored why Marukyu believes that their JPz pellets cannot be rivalled by any other bait. Many anglers agree that the JPz pellets from Marukyu offer something different from other baits, and this one bait has turned Marukyu into a market-leading company.

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